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MIAMI, Fla.- The producer known as Feb9 has released an all-instrumental album entitled, “Feb9 Presents: A Cold Day In February,” on February 9, 2013, via Internet. The album is available for free download below

‘Cold Day’ features nine cohesive tracks showcasing the producer’s musical versatility and his ability to craft unique progressions that tell a story without depending on vocals or lyrics. ‘Cold Day’ has a sound that exudes its namesake sonically: a cold day in a month that is so close to Springtime, the season of rebirth, but is not yet out of the grasp of Winter. The album features some vocalist sampling and excerpts from Martin Luther King speeches, but remains predominantly instrumental.

Although the music stands alone as an instrumental piece, it is also created as a canvas for artists to write songs to. The album will not only display the producer’s artistic vision and ability to craft quality tracks, but also to showcase his ability to be an artist’s producer, who understands what ultimately inspires an artist to write to a track.

‘Cold Day’ is a direct response to the artists and writers who have expressed an interest in hearing more music from the producer after hearing recent placements such as the west coast rapper, Freddie Gibbs’ popular song, “The Hard,” produced by Feb9.

FEB9 - Press

ABOUT FEB9: Feb9 is a New York born, Florida based rapper residing in Miami, Fla. He has produced for national acts such as CTC World’s Freddie Gibbs; Nappy Roots and Grammy Award Winners J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League’s artist, Laws. He continues to work with various national acts independently, covering genres spanning from R&B, Rap, Gospel, Christian, and alternative. He is a talented musical composer who plays piano, guitar, and drums and is dedicated to creating innovative new sounds that will continue to evolve the soundscape of modern music.



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