NEWS: Gunplay’s (@GunplayMMG) Interview w/ Gets Pretty Interesting

UrbanAddiction January 9, 2013 0

Gunplay x Pigeons


Last time talked to Gunplay, things got pretty heavy as he talked about his struggles with drugs, his swastika tattoo, and fakery in the music industry. With his recent legal trouble, there has been a lot of negatively-leaning discussion surrounding one of the more controversial rappers in music right now. But with a string of solid songs, his inclusion on A$AP Rocky’s upcoming album, and a new mixtape, Cops and Robbers, coming out on January 18th, things are looking up for the 33-year-old rapper.

This time they decided to keep things lighter for our latest interview. They ask Gunplay about cats, Santa, movies, socks, UFOs, fishing, cartoons, and Lil B’s Task Force. His answers reveal a humorous, thoughtful side but somehow, even when talking about cats, he managed to be controversial. And while we didn’t expect much more than a few words on UFOs, Gunplay gave them something… well, something else.

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